Tokyo Toni Celebrates Blac Chyna’s Birthday With ‘Angela’ Tattoo

On Thursday night, Chyna took to social media to share a video together with her followers. In the beginning of the video, Tokyo Toni and Chyna could be seen embracing each other very affectionately.

“They be placing on a entrance for the ‘gram…”

A person recording the 2 could be heard saying.

The video then cuts to Tokyo Toni and Chyna standing earlier than the digicam.

“Let me see what you simply [did]…”

Chyna says to her mom.

Tokyo Toni then pulls down the left collar of her shirt to indicate a contemporary tattoo of Chyna’s actual title, Angela.

“I’m sitting there [inaudible] — it took them 5 hours!”

Toni says.

“I really like you!”

Chyna tells her mom together with her palms cupped over her face in awe.

“And it’s HUGE — over my coronary heart!”

Toni continues as Chyna stretches out her arms for a hug.

“That’s my child… that’s my child…”

Toni says as the 2 embrace. Chyna then drapes her head on Toni’s shoulder.