TikTok has already removed millions of fake accounts due to the war in Gaza

TikTok has already removed more than 24 million fake accounts and 925,000 videos in the fight against disinformation surrounding the war between Hamas and Israel.

The social video platform has new figures announced after it faced criticism over its content moderation amid the war in the Middle East. TikTok appears to have done a lot since the escalation of October 7. For example, “more than 925,000 videos were removed in the conflict region, as were millions of “pieces of content” posted from around the world.

According to TikTok, there has been a major spike in fake engagement in recent weeks. “Since October 7, we have removed more than 24 million fake accounts and more than half a million bot comments worldwide linked to hashtags surrounding the conflict,” it said.

TikTok under fire

The video platform itself issued a statement after it came under fire for the way it promoted content related to the war between Hamas and Israel. According to NBC News American politicians would increasingly call for a ban on the Chinese app. The US, traditionally an ally of Israel, also states that TikTok’s algorithm would disproportionately side with the Palestinians. According to the Chinese, this is an “incorrect analysis”.

“Unfortunately, we note that some misinformed commentators have misinterpreted our efforts against the spread of hate speech and disinformation surrounding the war between Hamas and Israel. It is insinuated that TikTok would push pro-Palestinian content to its American users. That is incorrect,” said the management of the video app. The Chinese also note that the hashtag #standwithisrael has been viewed 46 million times since October 7, compared to 29 million views for #standwithpalestine.

TikTok is certainly not the only social medium that receives criticism. Meta was already getting tired of it accused that it had ‘shadowbanded’ certain accounts reporting on the situation in Gaza. According to Meta it turned out to be a bug. Elon Musk’s X is being investigated by the European Union over possible disinformation surrounding the conflict in the Middle East.

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