This Starfield mod finally lets you flirt with an alternate universe version of yourself, because why not?

Warning: Spoilers for Starfield’s main story lie ahead

There’s no nice way to put this, so I’m just gonna write it. There’s now a Starfield mod that’ll let you casually flirt with an alternate universe version of your character.


If you’ve managed to reach the end of the main quest in Bethesda’s RPG and delved straight into a new game plus playthrough by heading into The Unity, you might have run into a person that looks like you, dresses like you, and hangs out with some alternate universe versions of your mates. Well, modder ConnerRia’s ‘Conner’s Ordinary Conversations – Seduce Other Self’ will let you engage in some romantic dialogue with them.

In addition to ensuring that this alternate universe version of your character, which can go by the name you’ve opted for or the memorable monikers ‘Other You’ and ‘You?’, will show up in every new game plus universe as a recruitable follower, the mod adds a new quest based around getting to know them a little better.

This mission, which you can get a taste of via this showcase video, looks to be called “Eternal Sunshine” and sees you head for a drink at The Viewport in New Atlantis with your twin.

Here you’ll have the option to drive the conversation in a rather intimate direction, by saying unforgettable things like “I can’t tell anyone else this, but I feel like I’m…we’re really gorgeous, you know?” and “Nobody else understands us…not like we do.”

Once you’ve chatted them up enough you’ll be able to choose to become romantically involved with your alternate self. Thankfully, the mod is PG13 according to its creator, meaning things don’t go any further than a few soppy I love yous.

You can also just choose to be friends with them, which might ensure you’re still able to look yourself in the mirror after heading on this rather interesting date of sorts.

If you’re struggling to find the other version of you in order to ask them out, assuming you’ve opted to skip the main quest in your new game plus universe, you should be able to ask Constllation’s Sarah Morgan to summon them to The Lodge.

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