These Dyson gadgets are now considerably cheaper at Coolblue

These Dyson gadgets are now considerably cheaper at Coolblue

Dyson products are usually quite expensive: you can easily pay 500 euros for an air purifier or vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, Coolblue has some competitive Dyson deals ready.

Dyson products are loved for their ease of use and design. Compared to competitor products, they often look futuristic. If design plays an important role in your choice of home appliances, then Dyson is certainly a logical option. In addition, the vacuum cleaners and air purifiers are of high quality – our editors are very satisfied with them. What we cannot appreciate, however, are the high prices. Take the Dyson air purifier we tested last year: it cost no less than 799 euros.

Dyson Gadget Deals

Fortunately, it can also be a lot cheaper. Older Dyson products often remain for sale, but with a lower price tag. Relatively new products also drop in price automatically. Like now at Coolblue, where they have various Dyson deals. The Purifier Cool, an ideal air purifier for the summer, now costs, for example only 379 euros (which was 490 euros).

Best air purifier deals

Air purifiers are not only intended for cleaning the air: in the summer they also work well as a fan. In addition, air purifiers are ideal for people with (pollen) allergies: with an air purifier you can filter such substances from the air relatively quickly. These deals are now available at Coolblue:

Best vacuum cleaner deals

Dyson has both cordless and corded vacuum cleaners. Both types are currently enjoying big discounts:

The offers change from time to time. Via the Dyson deal page on Coolblue you can always see exactly what is (and is not) on offer.