The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Developer Apologizes For Game’s Condition

There may be extra basically unsuitable with this sport, not simply technically.

By way of graphics, it is simply not fairly, regardless that they’re going to repair the numerous clumsy bugs. Facial expressions are bizarre particularly from gollum, animations are bizarre. Animations should not completed or are lacking. In fact that may all be patched, however that also looks like an enormous quantity of labor to me.

By way of gameplay, it additionally is mindless, as an alternative of a sport the place you suppose it’s important to keep away from orcs with a stealthy gollum (that is there, however it’s terribly dangerous and the AI ​​is extremely clumsy, climbing and scrambling was higher within the first tomb raider) runs particularly about performing lame chores.
By way of story they’ve put down such a wierd gollum, so by no means what you might be used to from Hobbit and LotR.

So no, this sport is simply dangerous from head to toe. And we’re not simply speaking about some (even gamebreaking) bugs.

It’s subsequently non-canon, if you wish to play it since you just like the LotR world, do not hassle. It is not like they tried to recreate Barad Dur as finest they may, it is only a lame platformer, so stage design is after that too. The primary characters within the story are additionally non-canon. You possibly can substitute all names and characters with one thing non LotR, and it would not even be a ripoff, it has so little to do with LotR, in truth, the sport could be higher if the principle character did not must symbolize Gollum.