The Curse of Grimsey Island manifests on PC

You’re probably all more than aware of this by now, but investigation games are some of my favorites out there. There’s something really appealing about uncovering a mystery while unlocking a game’s secrets that just keeps you coming back for more. With this being said, I’m pleased to be able to tell you a little bit about The Curse of Grimsey Island, a brand new entry to the investigation genre due to hit your PC screens really soon.

The Curse of Grimsey Island is going to be the third release by the clever souls over at Miga Games and is due to appear on screens on the 30th of April. This title will see you braving freezing Icelandic waters as your investigations will take place above and below the depths. You’ll be switching eras too. This is a game where you will need an understanding of both the past and present if you are to complete an adventure that will see you thrust into a world of Vikings and secrets.

In The Curse of Grimsey Island, the race is on to recover an ancient Viking artifact, located off the coast of the titular Grimsey Island. This item has some mysterious disappearances surrounding it and it will be up to you to navigate each crime scene while discovering clues submerged beneath the ocean.

There are several storylines across time that I hope players will find intriguing,” said Larry Johnson, Lead Developer for Miga Games, and it has to be said that offering any investigation fan a new way to apply their skills is going to pull those of us who love a good mystery on board. It’s going to be absolutely no different here and I think that intriguing is going to be something that The Curse of Grimsey Island will definitely be.

For those of you wondering whether your PC will be up to snuff the devs have very kindly left us some specs to share with you. You’ll need to be running Windows 10 or later and have an NVIDIA GeForce GXT 1660 Ti or higher with 6 GB of memory to run this title comfortably. Presumably the equivalent will suit just as well but it’s always worth checking before shelling out that hard-earned dough. All being well you’ll be fine and be able to play along with the rest of us, and to do that you’ve not got too long to wait. As always if any more information comes to light on this interesting-sounding game we’ll be the first to let you know.