Tears of the Kingdom isn’t on Wii U, but this person lets us pretend it is anyway

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom positively is not on the Wii U, although one participant has shared their completely not suspicious copy of the sport on Nintendo’s outdated console.

Like Twilight Princess earlier than it, Breath of the Wild was a multiplatform launch, being obtainable on each the in poor health fated Wii U, and the monumentally extra profitable Nintendo Swap. That is as a result of the sport was designed for the Swap’s predecessor, technically talking, even having the distinctive characteristic of having the ability to have a look at the map and different issues on the gamepad. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, alternatively, was completely not designed for the Wii U – but one participant has mysteriously proven their copy of it on the console off on Reddit.

OK, OK, clearly they only made a customized piece of field artwork utilizing Tears of the Kingdom’s Swap field artwork, and slapped it inside a Wii U field (nothing like that sky blue plastic, ey). Sadly at the least one commenter was tricked into considering it is actual, however I can guarantee you it is not; the print high quality is not all that nice on the paper slip when you zoom in anyway, however when you do not look too carefully it’s fairly convincing.

[TOTK] I simply managed to pay money for a replica! 🥳
by u/luketheduke43 in zelda

Whereas everybody jokes about video games hardly operating on the Swap, Tears of the Kingdom is mostly holding up on the hybrid console, a formidable feat given its completely large measurement. It is that measurement that makes it operating on Wii U questionable, however clearly it by no means will as that factor is as useless as a dodo, particularly with the closure of the eShop.

That large world generally is a bit intimidating although, so when you’re not sure of the place to go first, we have got a information right here that will help you out. We have even received a Skyview Tower places information so you possibly can really see the place you are going!