Singapore Changi Terminal 2 reopened as a ‘natural park’ after more than three years of renovation

In the departure hall of the terminal the Wonderfall all the attention: a fourteen-meter-high ‘waterfall’, made with LED lights, making it look like water is flowing down. That’s in addition to the real waterfall further down the airport.

The plans for the redesign of T2 were presented in January 2020. Two months later, the corona pandemic broke out and air traffic in the city-state of Singapore, with only international flights, almost completely imploded.

The decline in passenger numbers amounted to more than 95 percent compared to 2019. The airport temporarily closed T2 in 2020 because the capacity was not needed, but continued the renovation of the terminal. The renovation could be accelerated ‘thanks to’ corona.

Parts of the terminal opened again from 2022, and since this week T2 has been used in its entirety again. With a capacity of 28 million passengers annually, T2 is the largest of the four terminals at Changi.

Air traffic in Singapore has been close to 90 percent of 2019 levels in recent months and is expected to fully recover next year.

Watch the Wonderfall below: