Samsung’s next Galaxy Z Fold may come with an S Pen

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6 may be the first foldable phone with a built-in stylus. The S Pen stylus is currently already supported on the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Where Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra can store its S Pen in the case, you have to at the Carry the Galaxy Z Fold 5 in a separately purchased case. It is certainly not particularly useful. On a patent From the South Korean concern we now see a foldable phone with a notch for an S Pen stylus. The pin would place under the camera module of the foldable phone. The stylus may be held there by magnets.

The patent also shows a second variation. The S Pen clicks into place on the side of the phone. This does come at the expense of space for the screen: to store the stylus on the side, a large screen edge would be added to the side. Part of that screen edge is then used to click the S Pen to the device. In none of the cases does the stylus take up space in the smartphone, as was the case with previous Samsung Galaxy devices.

Included stylus

The effect reminds us in particular of the Galaxy Tab series. With these tablets, the pin can also be connected to the side or back. For tablets with support for the S Pen, Samsung includes the stylus in the box. This would probably also apply to Galaxy Z Fold devices with such a modified design. For the time being, however, we can only speculate about this.

Patent talk or reality

It is unclear whether the plans will ever become reality. A patent certainly does not equate to the arrival of a Galaxy Z Fold 6 with an integrated S Pen. In fact, many patents never come to fruition. Even if something comes of it, the outcome may still be several months or years away. At the same time, it could just appear on the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold model. It won’t appear on the market for another nine or ten months.

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One thing is certain: Samsung is actively looking at options to integrate the S Pen into its foldables. It will not have escaped the notice of the South Koreans that carrying the stylus loose is not very convenient. They could also use some help to compete against OnePlus’ first foldable: the Open.