Samsung screens delay launch of new iPads

It seems that Samsung is behind the delay of the new iPads: the manufacturer is encountering problems with its OLED screens.

A persistent rumor has been circulating for a long time: Apple would launch the new iPads in March. Now that the month is coming to an end, it is becoming clear that the launch is not as close as expected. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman now situates the launch a may. The reason for the delay is discussed not spoken.

OLED screens from Samsung

A lot is already known about the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. The devices will not only have a larger screen, but they will also immediately have an OLED screen. That would be the reason for the delay: Apple does not have enough OLED screens, which means it has to postpone the launch of the new iPads. To blame for that? It lies with Samsung.

According to the latest rumors, it is the South Korean manufacturer that would make the OLED screens for the new 11-inch iPads. However, Samsung Display has a problem with the 11-inch panels: not all screens that roll off the production line are usable. In itself this is not exceptional, although Samsung seems to have very high numbers. As a result, the company cannot supply enough screens.

Looking for another supplier

Apple therefore has to look for another supplier, and is looking at LG Display. LG Display was already allowed to make the 13-inch screens, but now a large number of 11-inch panels are being added. The manufacturer must therefore significantly increase production capacity, and wants to do so next month hundreds of thousands produce additional screens.

As a result, LG is expected to make approximately 60% of all OLED screens in the new iPads Air and Pro. That works out well for LG: the company recently invested millions in a new production line for OLED screens. This does not concern the ‘classic’ OLED screens that burn in easily, but brand new screens with – reportedly – ​​higher brightness and lifespan.

Launching in May

You will have to wait a while to see those screens in action to wait. Moreover, that is not the only novelty regarding the new devices. Apple is also switching to the Apple M3 chip, which should significantly improve performance. In addition, a new Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard would also be on the program.