Saira Banu recalls filming of Junglee with Shammi Kapoor

Saira Banu recently shared an intriguing anecdote from the set of her movie Junglee with Shammi Kapoor, revealing that he helped her in overcoming stage fright during a shoot.

On Friday, the actress took to her Instagram handle and shared a detailed post about her experience shooting the song Kashmir Ki Kali Hoon Main for the film Junglee in 1961 which was shot outdoors in Srinagar. She wrote, “There were thousands of tourists in the garden mainly foreigners roaming around and photographing themselves. The shooting areas were carefully cordoned off to simplify the shooting work. This of course was the first time that I faced such crowds and the first time. In the song, there is a sequence where Shammiji is very angry with me and I turn around and I pick up his shoe and sing ‘Pyar Peh Gussa Karte Ho. Tera Gussa Humko Pyaara Hain’.”

Saira Banu

She continued, “Now as luck would have it I couldn’t turn around and do the movement properly so I was getting into a fix. Eventually seeing so many people around me I broke down into tears. My mother ran to me sympathetically hugging me and telling me Beta ‘I always told you this acting medium is not for you, I tried my best to stop you, we have just started this shoot and it will be no harm if we can pack up our bags and give this up. Subodh Daa will not take it amiss. Let us go’.”

She further added, “Meanwhile Shammiji secretly winked an eye at Appaji and scolded me, ‘What is this? If you want to be shy and then break down like this you should have been at home in a Burkha!’ This made me howl and cry further, But then in a while, I pulled up my Dupatta around my waistline in a show of defiance and uttered ‘Main Karke Dikhaugi’. I must say Shammiji was a darling to give me that ‘push’ towards braving it in front of the crowds and Subodh Uncle took me aside and shared this confidence “You know Shammi is so good in his musical numbers that we directors give him all the songs in our movies and only shared duets with the heroines. He is also so good at doing disguises in his roles but he has been kind with us and you that you have been giving three solo songs to do and a highlight disguise scene of a young Sadhu who tricks the hero. He helped me so much in “JUNGLEE”. Now, there is a very funny and interesting incident that took place while shooting the song, I’ll talk about it soon.”

Saira Banu

Apart from the film Junglee, Saira Banu and Shammi Kapoor collaborated on several other movies together. Some notable examples include Zameer (1975), Bluff Master (1963), and more.

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