Reddit makes ads look like regular posts

Reddit will ensure that advertisers can post their advertisements as regular messages. This is to make advertising more attractive.

The social media platform Reddit just made an announcement via a blogpost regarding their advertising approach. In an effort to make the platform more attractive to advertisers, the company is introducing so-called ‘Free-form’ advertising. This new form of advertising changes the way users see ads.

Until now, advertisements have always been clearly indicated, but this will change soon. Reddit chooses to give ads the same appearance as a normal Reddit post. Instead of an image with a link to the advertisers’ website, the company wants to encourage advertisers to create real content for the platform, with text and photos. Users can then respond to this, like a regular post.

The new form of advertising is now available for companies on Reddit. In the Ad Manager they now have access to new templates to launch advertisements, such as a product introduction or a ‘deep dive’.

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Mixed reactions

The announcement of this new ad type has evoked mixed reactions among Reddit users. Many are concerned about the mixing of advertisements with regular messages. Reddit focuses on the positive results from their tests with the new format. Companies that have adopted this new form of advertising, such as Heinz and, have reportedly seen a significant increase in their click-through rate and community engagement.

Tech companies are increasingly responding to advertisements. Nvidia recently introduced them to their game streaming platformin Amazon on Prime Video. Also with They think about WhatsApp about an advertising approach.