Realme is working on 300W charging for smartphones

The Chinese smartphone brand Realme is working on fast charging technology that can charge smartphones at 300 W. Marketing director Francis Wong has confirmed this.

Realme is not the first to come with 300W fast charging. Redmi (Xiaomi) already did this and demonstrated how one of their phones was fully charged in just five minutes. Realme also wants to raise the bar for fast charging. Wong confirmed that in a interview with YouTuber The Tech Chap. His company is therefore extensively testing the options for 300W fast charging.

Realme wants 330W fast charging

This is not a real surprise, as Realme is often one of the first to focus on new charging speeds. The brand currently offers charging speeds of up to 240 W and that is already insanely fast. One of the supported phones is the Realme GT Neo 5. It can fully fill its battery in less than 10 minutes. But it can always be faster, the Chinese must think. Realme would soon match Redmi’s result. The latter has not yet released a phone that can handle 300W fast charging, so that scoop can still go to Realme.

During the YouTube interview with The Tech Chap, Francis Wong did not exactly go into detail about the increased loading speed. This always requires extra heat management and we are curious how Realme will approach that. Smartphone brands naturally want to avoid being in the news with overheating problems at all costs. In addition, the manufacturer must also take measures against excessive battery degradation due to the high charging speed.

We may see more of Realme’s plans for 300W charging soon. Marketing director Wong would not have mentioned it if there were no concrete plans behind the scenes to commercialize the new charging standard. A candidate phone for the scoop is the Realme GT Neo 6. The Realme GT Neo 5 was released in February, so its successor may not arrive until early next year.