‘PlayStation 5 Pro three times as powerful as regular PlayStation 5’ – Gaming – News

The PlayStation 5 Pro has 33.5 teraflops of computing power. That’s what games journalist Tom Henderson says. The man also confirms some new rumors that show that the rendering performance of the PS5 Pro is 45 percent higher than that of the regular PlayStation 5.

Henderson writes that the rumors published by YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead are true. The PlayStation 5 Pro is said to be two to three times faster at ray tracing tasks than the regular PlayStation 5 and four times as fast at some of those same tasks.

Moore’s Law is Dead toonde in his YouTube video some Sony corporate documents. This should show that Sony’s upscaling technology has the name PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution will receive. The upscaling technology would initially only support 4k resolution, but support for 8k resolution would also be added at a later date. Sony would continue to tinker with the upscaling technology after the introduction of the PS5 Pro.

Henderson confirms that the GPU of the PlayStation 5 Pro is based on one custom machine learningarchitecture from AMD. The GPU could achieve 67 teraflops of computing power when processing 16-bit floating point numbers. When processing 32-bit floating point numbers, that would amount to about 33.5 teraflops. For comparison, the GPU of the regular PlayStation 5 has 10.28 teraflops of computing power.

The game console would be available as a dev kit for first-party PlayStation developers since September 2023. Third-party developers have been given access to the dev kits since January of this year. Henderson writes that the PlayStation 5 Pro should appear on the market in the fall of 2024. According to the journalist, the release date could still change because there would be a lack of first-party games from Sony this year.

Tom Henderson has been talking about the PlayStation 5 Pro since 2023. The leaker and game journalist wrote in July of last year that the game console will be launched on the market in November 2024. Then Henderson claimed that the console’s GPU has 60 compute units and a memory bandwidth of 18Gbps. The regular PlayStation 5 has 36 compute units and the memory bandwidth of the PS5 is 14Gbps.

Tom Henderson is a well-known gaming industry insider who has also shared accurate information about Sony in the past. For example, the leaker previously shared early information about gaming monitors and headsets for PCs and the PS5. Henderson reported in 2022 also that Sony would come with a customizable controller, a bit later turned out to be correct. Start this year claimed Henderson that Sony is working on a PS5 with a removable disc tray. Sony would like to sell this variant from September.