PC users in non-PSN countries will receive a refund for Ghost of Tsushima preorders – Gaming – News

Legislation is only one aspect of such a decision not to offer the (PSN). There may be other reasons for Sony not to offer it.

But, to limit ourselves to legislation, suppose that Latvia, Japan (Sony), Europe (Ubisoft) or America (EA) has a law that states that offering an account is only allowed under certain conditions.

In my case, as a Dutch resident at the time, I created an email account with Proton (Switzerland), but I no longer live within the EU. I do have a Dutch pension and therefore a Dutch bank, where my address is of course abroad. No problem. Do I want to pay for my subscription with Proton? NL Bank will transfer it. Swiss bank refuses receipt due to legal regulations. Of course, we can still find out which (Swiss) law is bothering us here (country bank/resident not the same, country resident we don’t want to do business with, or…..). I thought never mind, the free version (of Proton) is also sufficient.

In short, the problem may lie with Latvian law, European law or Japanese law. In the latter case, EA and Ubisoft should have no problem at all offering an account.

Of course you can still think about who breaks which law. Is that the company that has the account created or the gamer who does it anyway, despite the fact that his local law has problems with it. Whereby (partly in view of the legislation in the country of establishment) a company in Japan can/must make a different decision than a company in Europe or America.

I don’t do business in Latvia, so if a Latvian judge decides that I should geo-block the creation of an account or impose a fine, I don’t care…
because American / European / Japanese law does not require me to do so. It is therefore simply a problem for the (unwanted) customer. Actually quite a bit arrogant.

In itself, I think Sony’s attitude is quite good. Decision taken not to do business in a country, therefore not allowing business from that country.