OnePlus 10T: charging speed and battery capacity confirmed

Image: OnePlus / The Verge After several details of the OnePlus 10T have already been announced via rumor spreaders, OnePlus has confirmed the battery capacity and charging speed of the smartphone this time. OnePlus’ 10T series will be launched on August 3. The device is the second flagship of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer in 2022 … Read more

Rumor: TikTok is working on Spotify competitor

Spotify and Apple Music may have to step up a bit in the future. TikTok plans to launch its own streaming service called TikTok Music. TikTok wants consumers to use its platform not only to discover creators; in the future, it wants to deploy its AI to let users discover numbers as well. That is … Read more

‘This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro)’

With ten days to go for Samsung Unpacked, this time we see the full design of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Samsung Unpacked is just around the corner, and that traditionally means that the rumors are starting to fly around your ears. Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Z … Read more

Samsung and LG Display stopped negotiating cheaper OLED panels – Image and sound – News

LCD also has degradation, often worse than OLED, only this is less noticeable. With LCD, this translates into degradation of the back-lights. With an LCD, complete zones degrade differently from each other. This translates into light/dark spots. Normally this is not so noticeable, certainly not the average consumer. For burn-in with OLED you can check … Read more