Overwatch 2 gets its first Samoan character with Mauga

Blizzard has revealed a brand-new hero for Overwatch 2 during its Blizzcon Opening Ceremony. Mauga is coming to the game.

Packing two massive machine guns, Magua is a tank able to rush into the front lines of a fight and dish out as much as he takes. He’s able to shoot both of his powerful firearms for huge close-range damage – so a tank hero for those of you who’d rather stay on the offence than defense.

He’s also able to blast fast through enemies with his skill Unstoppable Charge, as well as lock down enemies in his proximity with Cage Fight. All this with a bombastic personality and plenty of wit behind him. Mauga has been teased in the lore for a while now – tied with Baptiste in short stories and the like. For those who delved deep into the story, it must be cool to see him come to life.

There were also teases at the future of Overwatch in 2024. Clash is a 4v4 team mode where you fight over five map objectives. Taking control of all five, or reaching a score limit, nets you the win. Blizzard is also bringing back one of Overwatch’s original maps with a revamp – Hanumoka. There’ll also be a competitive revamp too, giving folks a reason to jump back into the game.

Finally, Blizzard teased concept art for two heroes coming to the game next year. Venture and Space Ranger are two of four coming in the next 12 months, which is something to look forward to. If you can’t wait to try out some new stuff – but aren’t at Blizzcon right now – you can play Mauga right now in Overwatch 2 over the course of the weekend.

What do you think of Mauga? Let us know below, as well as whether you’ll be trying him out this weekend!