MSI’s Prestige 16 Studio is the perfect holiday money deal

Now that holiday pay is being repaid, retailers are also offering holiday pay deals. The MSI Prestige 16 Studio (A13VF) is now temporarily 900 euros cheaper.

The MSI Prestige 16 Studio offers an excellent combination of image quality, battery life and performance, as we said last year concluded in our review. However, the price of the laptop was a bit on the high side at the time. MSI is now addressing this with the holiday pay deals. With this deal you get unprecedented value for your money. Temporarily the laptop costs no 2,299 euros, but only 1,399 euros.

Powerful hardware for creative projects

Under the hood, the Prestige 16 Studio has all the necessary hardware to successfully complete a project. The processor is one of Intel’s fastest laptop chips at the moment: the Core i7-13700H. This is combined with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. Of course, a powerful GPU should not be missing. MSI chose the Geforce RTX 4050 with 6 GB GDDR6 RAM and Nvidia Studio drivers. These Studio drivers make the GPU extremely suitable for (heavy) creative applications, which are specially optimized for these drivers.

Unhindered creativity, wherever you are

There is no doubt that the laptop delivers powerful creative performance. At the same time, MSI emphasizes that the Prestige 16 Studio is ideal for “uninterrupted creativity”. For this purpose, the laptop has a large battery that lasts a long time. Moreover, the laptop is only 1.69 cm thin, weighs about 2.1 kg and is also very quiet. Even if the cooler has to work harder, it produces only 35 dB of background noise. For comparison: the background noise in a quiet office is 40 to 50 dB.

Bright mini LED screen

Creative professionals will be amazed by the innovative 16-inch mini-LED screen of the Prestige 16 Studio. This screen offers 100 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, which guarantees vivid and realistic colors. The 165 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth images, even during fast-paced action in games or video editing. And with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, the screen is also perfectly readable in bright sunlight.

In addition to the excellent color coverage, the guaranteed color deviation of the screen is also very small (Delta-E <2). This means that both grayscale and color are reproduced with pinpoint accuracy, which is crucial for professional creative work.

Another plus is the Prestige’s 16:10 aspect ratio. This creates more vertical space on the screen, which is useful when working with creative apps such as Adobe Premiere. This extra space is also a great advantage for reading long documents.

Bonus: feast for the eyes

In addition to the powerful hardware, MSI has also paid a lot of attention to the design of the Prestige 16 Studio. The housing is made entirely of aluminum, which gives a sturdy feeling and looks beautiful at the same time. The housing has cutouts for a USB-A port, two USB-C connections, an HDMI 2.1 port and finally a microSD card reader.

Take advantage of the holiday money deal

This powerful laptop is now extra attractive thanks to the holiday money deal. The Prestige 15 Studio (A13VF) now temporarily does not cost 2,299 euros, but only 1,399 euros. Act quickly, because this deal is only valid during the holiday pay period. The laptop will then be available again at the normal price.

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