Microsoft Unveils Autonomous Copilot Agent and Team Workers – Computer – News

I think so too, but it is not always seen ;) common comments:

Data is used by copilot/gpt: in principle not true, provided they adhere to their own conditions. They cannot afford this and if true then SharePoint (as an example) is just as unsafe.

The answers may be incorrect: correct, just like the answer you ask your colleague. You always have to think for yourself.

When I look at an average large company, at least 10%-20% of the tasks that people do can be perfectly replaced by AI at the level we are at now, if used correctly!

But the technology from a business economics perspective is irrelevant for a competitive advantage. All companies have access to this technology (LLM), only the data that the companies have (correctly) is what allows them to distinguish themselves. Simply put, if you have a better data platform (and of course the data) than your neighbor, you can gain an advantage.