Letters to the Editor: The writers’ strike isn’t just about AI — and AI threatens more than writers

To the editor: The writers’ strike isn’t about AI, it’s about what all strikes are about: survival. The promise of capitalism — that one of the best will rise to the highest and all lives can be improved in consequence — is as dependable as a job reference on a George Santos résumé. Capitalism, like feudalism, is meant to learn solely the few on the high.

For now, we want two issues: laws to make sure that AI-generated materials is clearly labeled as such, and a dedication from actors (I’m a SAG/AFTRA member), teamsters, IATSE members (crew) and administrators to refuse work on any AI-generated initiatives. There are not any midway steps right here.

Bart Braverman, Indio


To the editor: It’s not simply in Hollywood that writers are devalued. I’ve been a freelancer for many years, often subjected to insultingly low or no pay charges by journal, newspaper and journal editors who fill their pages with virtually free content material. Some sheepishly inform me they’d like to pay contributors however their publication’s coverage doesn’t permit it. But I do know they don’t work for nothing whereas I’m anticipated to.

Over time I’ve been lucky to earn some first rate pay for my writing, however these occasions are exceedingly uncommon. Happily I’ve been capable of make a dwelling as a writing coach as I proceed to jot down. In fact, I fully sympathize with the calls for of the WGA strikers and hope they’ll be capable of win out within the quick or future.

The seventeenth century poet John Sheffield wrote, “Of all these arts wherein the smart excel, nature’s chief masterpiece is writing effectively.” It’s actually a societal disgrace that the artwork of writing effectively is regarded and compensated much less and fewer today.

Tom Stapleton, Glendale


To the editor: There’s actually a tidal shift occurring as synthetic intelligence grows ever extra able to doing jobs now held by individuals. What isn’t being mentioned sufficient, nonetheless, is the existential threat any more and more highly effective AI presents to the human race. We have to begin worrying about this as a result of the percentages will not be with us.

AI researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky put it finest: “Asking in regards to the impact of machine superintelligence on the standard human labor market is like asking how U.S.-Chinese language commerce patterns could be affected by the moon crashing into the Earth. There would certainly be results, however you’d be lacking the purpose.”

David Reskin, Los Angeles