Leo is Brave’s new AI assistant for desktop

Brave is getting an AI assistant in its desktop app. The open source browser’s latest client includes a major upgrade, in the form of Leo.

The developers behind Brave had already introduced Leo in August, as part of the experimental Nightly channel. After testing it for several months, Leo is ready for release. Brave Software announced this via its website website. The AI ​​assistant is based on the large language model Llama 2, which Microsoft developed together with Meta for commercial purposes and research.

Leo follows other assistants

Leo’s capabilities are therefore in line with those of similar assistants in other browsers and ChatGPT. This includes summarizing web pages and videos or translating and rewriting articles to creating content. Leo is free for all users of the open source browser, although Brave has now also introduced a paid version of Leo that should be able to conduct even more complex conversations.

Leo Premium is built with Anthropic’s Claude Instant to generate longer and more detailed responses. It costs users $15 per month. They have priority during periods of peak assistant usage and get first access to new features.

Focus on privacy after criticism

Remarkable: you don’t even need an account to use Leo. In the announcement, Brave emphasizes that Leo keeps the privacy of its users intact. For example, conversations with the AI ​​assistant would not be (readably) saved on the servers. The answers Leo gives would also be immediately deleted and therefore not used for further training of the AI ​​model. Furthermore, no IP addresses or personal data would be used that could identify users.

Brave Software was released in July under fire to face accusations of selling protected information to train AI models. “Brave Search has the right to capitalize on the results of its search engine,” Chief of Search Josep M. Pujol responded to the allegations at the time. The open source developer now appears to have adjusted his policy.

Brave will roll out Leo in phases in the coming days. The AI ​​assistant is also coming to the mobile app, but that won’t be for a few months at the earliest.

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