Korean drama series Red Swan lands on Disney+

Korean drama series Red Swan lands on Disney+

A fight for survival, a quest for justice, and an impossible love: Red Swan has it all.

The brand new South Korean drama Red Swan is now streaming on Disney+, promising a compelling story of contradictions, unexpected twists and relentless suspense. Starring Kim Ha-neul (Chuno, A Gentleman’s Dignity) and Rain (My Lovely Sam Soon, Ninja Assassin), Red Swan grabs you from the start and won’t let go until the very end.

From poverty to the top and back again

Oh Wan-soo (Kim Ha-neul) has taken her destiny into her own hands. Born into a poor family, she fought her way to the top of the golf world with blood, sweat and tears. Her talent and determination caught the attention of Kim Yong-guk (Jung Gyu-woon), the heir to the mighty Hwain empire. Their marriage seemed like a dream come true, but appearances can be deceiving. Wan-soo ends up in a web of intrigue, betrayal and danger, where she risks her life.

Wan-soo’s desperate search for justice brings her into contact with Seo Do-yoon (Rain), a mysterious man with his own secret agenda. Do-yoon is driven by an unrelenting desire for revenge, and Wan-soo’s situation offers him the perfect opportunity to carry out his plans. Despite their differing motives, they form a dangerous alliance that takes them into a dark world of corruption and crime.

Love in times of chaos

Amidst the danger and suspense, an unexpected romance blossoms between Wan-soo and Do-yoon. Their mutual attraction is undeniable, but can their love survive in a world where loyalties are constantly tested?

Red Swan is more than just a revenge story. It is an exploration of human relationships, contradictions and the power of love in the most unlikely of circumstances. With its tight direction, mesmerizing performances and captivating soundtrack, Red Swan is a must-see for fans of Korean dramas and lovers of compelling stories.

Red Swan is now available to stream on Disney+. New episodes will be released every Wednesday, with the first episode set to air on July 3, 2024.