John Fetterman Devastates Tucker Carlson And Ron DeSantis

John Fetterman Devastates Tucker Carlson And Ron DeSantis

If you thought that Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) had forgotten how Fox News and Tucker Carlson treated him after his stroke, he hasn’t.

Fetterman said while speaking in Iowa, “ Yeah, maybe you had heard something that I did have a stroke if you follow the race and, you know, after my stroke, you know, I would miss some words, and I might even tonight I might miss some words, but the words that I that I would miss, you know, it was like candy. It was candy for Fox News, you know, they can’t get enough of it and, you know, put it in again and again and again and put it out and had to go viral. But now Tucker Carlson is devastated. Yeah. I’m here right now. Now he Is unemployed, but I am employed.”

Video of the full speech:

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Fetterman also had plenty to say about Ron DeSantis:

Let’s talk about your governor from Florida.

Ron DeSantis he never really looked comfortable. He’s managed to make laughing awkward.

Although,, maybe, it’s about his boots.

But I can relate, I really, I can relate. So I kind of feel that I do. Because without my shoes, I’m actually 5’11

But if I wore his boots, I would actually be 8 feet tall. But again, I think, can we all agree, can we agree with everybody in Iowa, in that a new bipartisan kind of standard. That every candidate should be 100 percent lift-free as a candidate, right?

But it’s…

But it’s… But you really must be getting so tired of all these people. I mean, I’m tired of them. I don’t have to see all the commercials on that show. But it must be even worse for the candidates themselves. You know, no matter what they try and all the millions and millions that they’ve p*ssed away, you know, they’re still down 30 points or more, you know, they’re behind Trump.

And, and I’ve spent more time in Iowa than he has.

Fetterman hasn’t forgotten how conservative media like Fox News and Tucker Carlson tried to use his stroke against him last year. Ron DeSantis has proven that he is a joke. A little man trying to be big in appearance, thought, and action.

Republicans are getting precisely what they deserve. A party that has revealed itself as callous and unempathetic to all has earned scorn and mocking from Fetterman and the rest of the nation.