Jackie Christie Shares Secret Sauce To Her 27-Year Marriage

Jackie Christie feels confident about showcasing her marriage on reality television. Speaking to Essence, Christie revealed her secret to a great relationship with Doug Christie, despite the cameras.

“I got warned. They said don’t put your marriage on there. It’s a thing. And I was like, ‘No we want people to be able to see our truth because it’s so much stuff out there,’” Jackie told the outlet.

The ‘Basketball Wives LA’ star admits her marriage secret sauce involves an annual re-commitment to her bae. They got married in July 1996 and have been doing it again and again every year since.

Jackie met Doug at a sports bar at the request of a mutual friend, per VH1. When Jackie joined Doug and their friend Steven Taylor, she was displeased by the women surrounding the pro-baller. She left, and Doug followed her out of the bar. They have been dating ever since.

“It’s been amazing. It’s going to continue to be amazing even after reality TV. Twenty years from now, God willing, we’re still going to be getting married,” Jackie Christie said. “We get married every year and we’ve done it 28 years now.”


When asked if the rededication tradition contributes to her marital success, Christie confirmed.

“Yes, we’re always planning a wedding all the time. Like right now, he said, if I want to do Africa, we can do it — I’m just nervous about all the shots you have to get — but that’s my dream, and I think that’s what we’re doing next year. We’re always planning our future together.”

Jackie listed off a few other contributors to her healthy Black love.

“…Communication is key. Respect, as well. You’ve got to respect yourself and your mate. I don’t do anything to him that I wouldn’t want done to me. We are still individuals. You still can live your life. I can hang out with my girlfriends here and there. He hangs out. I don’t party, he doesn’t party, so it’s about finding commonality in the relationship.”

Jackie Christie previously shared similar sentiments about her marriage with E! News in May 2022.

Jackie Christie Explains How She Keeps Up With Doug Christie

In real-time, Jackie Christie explained how she’s keeping up with Doug and his new coaching gig. She says it’s always been a part of her routine to travel with the ex-NBA player when he’s on the road, and she does the same now.

“I’m there 80%, 90% of the time with him. We kind of pioneered that whole thing, and I love it because Steph Curry’s wife, everybody, they all go on the road now,” Jackie Christie. “When we did it, it was like, ‘Oh, they’re crazy, and she’s jealous,’ and it was never that. It was always fun.”

As for complex marriage moments, Jackie Christie emphasized leaning on their romantic partnership.

“It’s about loving your mate and keeping what that other person loves in the forefront and making sure that you guys are always talking things through. You’re going to have disagreements, but you talk about them as a team.”

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