Instagram punishes accounts that aggregate videos and implements TikTok algorithm – IT Pro – News

Instagram will punish accounts that copy videos and post them in their own feed with minimal adjustments by no longer recommending their videos and possibly suspending those accounts. Reels will also have a TikTok-like algorithm to push videos from small creators.

The intention is that original video creators will have more reach and aggregators will disappear from the platform, reports The Verge based on an unpublished announcement from Instagram. There will also be a label that can designate a video as original content, although that label is removable. Accounts that copy a video ten times in a month and distribute it via their own account will be suspended.

To give smaller accounts the opportunity to go viral, Instagram is also introducing a TikTok-like system to the algorithm. The algorithm feeds a video to a small set of users and based on the performance in that small group, a video is sent to a larger group. If that goes well, an even larger group will follow and see the video as a recommendation. The changes take effect immediately.

Instagram changes April 2024Instagram changes April 2024