Idaho bar’s cheeky ‘straight pride’ move shows what’s wrong with woke culture

Forget Pride — welcome to Heterosexual Awesomeness Month. 

An Idaho bar, the Old State Saloon, has caused a stir with a cheeky promotional idea: drink specials for straight guys, gals and couples all through June. 

June, of course, is Pride month for the whole alphabet soup of mix-n’-match sex and gender “identities.”  

And the bar, also of course, is engaged in gentle political satire (while hoping to make a few bucks).

It’s as American as apple pie. 

And — sad to say — it’s already generating a joyless, puritanical response.

“This is horribly disappointing. I can handle differing political views. I CANNOT handle bigotry and hate towards marginalized communities,” whined one commentator on the bar’s Facebook page. 

Imagine being that cheesed off because a small-town dive bar is offering drink specials imbued with wrongthink. 

And it’s gotta be some kind of woke bingo record: Disappointing, bigotry and marginalized communities (plus ALL CAPS so everyone knows it’s super-serious) in the span of 19 words. 

Michael Deeds, of the Idaho Statesman, somehow took the news even harder. 

He wants the world to know that even though “Old State Saloon probably is the last bar on Earth I’d ever want to drink a pint” he was nonetheless fantasizing about putting on his “wife’s high heels” so he could “hobble into the town’s extremist watering hole” and “challenge the nearest macho man to a friendly arm-wrestling match.”

Uh . . . OK? 

The outraged whining proves the Old State Saloon was onto something. 

For all the endless pride people allegedly take in their identities, an awful lot of fragility (to use the parlance of our time) is bubbling away under the surface.

Always ready to break through, even in the face of totally anodyne Boomer humor. 

So we think everyone should follow Old State’s lead here. Relax, hoist a few brews — and quit all the woke heavy-breathing.