Hunter Biden is guilty but don’t expect his arrogance to end

It’s a sign of Hunter Biden’s entitled arrogance, fully supported by the first family, that he even insisted on a trial in this beyond open-and-shut case.

After all, he wrote in his own book about all the drugs he was taking at the time he signed that federal gun permit form.

But he plainly figured he might get off — that at least one juror in Biden-loving Delaware would be intimidated by the power appearance of first lady Jill Biden and the rest of the clan in the courtroom, or taken in by his heartbreaking story. 

Nor will this be the end of his chutzpah: Once sentenced (and federal sentencing guidelines suggest a good chance he won’t get prison time), he’ll likely appeal — probably by arguing that this law, passed with help from then-Sen. Joe Biden, violates the Second Amendment.

Of course, this is also the least consequential Hunter case.

He’s soon headed to California to face federal charges for dodging taxes on much of his overseas income — a prosecution that gets much closer to the family-wide corruption of Biden Inc. 

It will be interesting to see how juries and the judge in that case will take his willingness to obfuscate the court system and lie.

Let it not be forgotten that special counsel David Weiss’ years of bumbling have already let Hunter skate on the most serious charges — the tax violations related to huge payments from Ukrainian firm Burisma, etc.

Plus, Weiss initially offered Hunter a no-jail plea deal that would have protected him on all these charges — only to see it collapse when the judge started asking questions in open court about this unprecedented arrangement.

Ironically, President Biden is set to give a speech on gun control later today.

If he’s not as out of touch as he seems, he’d be wise to say, roughly: “The jury decided, my son has made mistakes because of drugs, he faces the consequences, I’m not going to do anything about it and I love him.”

Somebody in this family needs to start showing some humility.