Helldivers 2’s devs need a bit “more time” to cook up its next weapon balancing patch, with players hoping the Eruptor’ll regain its former glory

While Helldivers 2 players still have plenty of enemies to cut down in order to accplish the game’s least Major Order, plenty are already thinking about what they’d like to see from Arrowhead’s next bout of weapon balancing. The Eruptor looks to be a the top of a lot of their lists, but it looks like they could be waiting a little while, with Arrowhead suggesting that it still needs a bit more time to cook up something good.

While things have been chugging on just fine in-game, even now that we’re into the Second Galactic War all of a sudden, some of the game’s recent patches have left some vocal players a bit underwhelmed. That said, a recently announced reversion of enemy spawn rates to their pre-patch state went down pretty well, so here’s hoping this next batch of weapon revamps can do the same, even if pleasing everyone’s impossible.

Responding to a player in Helldivers 2’s Discord server asking whether there’ll be another weapon balancing patch arriving soon, community manager Twinbeard simply responded: “More time. We’re cooking.” The player response to this looks to be bit mixed. Some have applauded the studio for taking more time to test things out before setting them in stone than it seemigly has with a few of the game’s recent tweaks and updates, while others are citing a lack of faith in the studio’s ability to cook up a balacing patch that’ll earn their seal of approval.

One weapon in particular that a lot of them seem to be hoping to see this next patch revamp is the Eruptor, with one having even asked Twinbeard directly whether it’ll be reverted to how it was prior to a recent patch that got rid if its ability to fling shrapnel, due to fact this was causing a lot of unintended self-kills. “I don’t have to blink to say that I know that the Eruptor is being discussed just as other primaries, the community manager replied, “That’s not the same as they will be buffed, but they’re being discussed.”

Despite having had its impact and AOE damage boosted in order to try and counteract any decrease in effectiveness caused by the shrapnel effect’s removal, some players think the gun – the description of which doesn’t look to have been updated since it lost its shrapnel-slinging abilities – has ended up “useless”.

Lots of these folks in favour of reverting it back to its original state argue that since the change, the big problem is that it’s lost its status as a weapon that could help faciliate more build and loadout variety in matches. “Thing is nerfing it has just made it not fun,” one wrote, “It wasn’t OP and was still a bit slower than other weapons but I enjoyed having it. Now it’s no use to anyone and there’s only one or two viable weapons everyone uses. Sucks for the game.”

Also if you’ve been waiting for the arrival a fix the spear’s inconsistent targeting, Twinbeard’s recently revealed that they believe it’ll be coming in the game’s “next big patch”, so you can stop worrying it’ll never drop.