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Guerilla malware affects 9 million devices worldwide

The Guerilla malware discovered its approach to 9 million gadgets by way of different software program on ROMs.

The Android working system is extra customizable than iOS, which offers a somewhat restricted variety of customization choices. For whom the built-in choices of Android will not be good or enough sufficient, there are ‘customized ROMs’. These are information that, as soon as uploaded to a smartphone, can exchange the working system for different software program. Nonetheless, this isn’t with out hazard: ROMs seem like the primary means that the Guerilla malware infects gadgets.

That such issues occur is nothing new in itself: ROMs had been already used to distribute the Triada malware in 2016. Researchers of Development Micro at the moment are recognizing some similarities between the brand new Guerilla malware and the piece of malicious software program from 2016. Presumably the cybercrime group behind Guerilla, the ‘Lemon group’, as soon as labored along with the group behind Triada.

What does Guerrilla malware do?

The aim of Guerrilla malware is to intercept textual content message one-time passwords, load further payloads, arrange a reverse proxy of the contaminated gadget, and hijack WhatsApp classes. Cyber ​​criminals additionally generate profits by organising false commercials and promoting compromised accounts.

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Low-cost Android gadgets usually already include malware within the manufacturing facility

Compromised accounts and contaminated gadgets could be discovered all around the world. In line with the researchers, the malware would have an effect on practically 9 million totally different gadgets. These gadgets are positioned on each continent, though Europe’s share is somewhat small. Essentially the most affected international locations are as follows:

  1. The USA
  2. Mexico
  3. Indonesia
  4. Thailand
  5. Russia
  6. South Africa
  7. India
  8. Angola
  9. The Philippines
  10. Argentina


After a presentation during which the researchers shared their findings, they seen that Lemon’s servers had immediately disappeared. Or somewhat: they’d not disappeared, however began working underneath a distinct identify. The Lemon group now calls itself ‘Durian Cloud SMS’ and can proceed to function underneath that identify.

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