Google gives app developers access to Google Home smart home platform – Image and sound – News

Google is opening up its Home platform to developers. New APIs allow app makers to add support for Google Home and Matter smart home devices to their applications and create automations. The functionality will be available for Android and iOS.

De Google Home-api’s let third-party apps control a total of ‘more than 600 million’ Matter and ‘Works with Google Home’ devices, the tech giant reports. This includes lamps, smart thermostats, sensors and more. The users of those devices must first give permission for this. Once that’s done, developers can control devices through their apps and build automations.

Google shares several examples of how the APIs can be used. For example, the tech giant describes a food delivery service that can automatically switch on the outdoor lighting at the front door when the delivery person is nearby. The company also talks about a fitness app that turns on the fan when the user starts a workout.

Several smart home manufacturers have agreed to use the APIs, writes The Verge. Underneath for example, falls Eve, which will make its app available for Android. ADT, a manufacturer of security equipment, will also use the API for a new function, Trusted Neighbor. This allows users to grant other people temporary access to their home.

With the Home APIs, Google also comes with more options for using TVs in a smart home. For example, certain televisions can serve as hubs that can control devices. This applies, for example, to LG televisions. This will also apply to Chromecasts with Google TV and certain televisions that use Google TV as an OS.

The Google Home APIs are now available to Google’s early access partners, writes The Verge. The manufacturer also has a waiting list for other developers.

Nest Learning Thermostat
To illustrate: the Nest Learning Thermostat. Source: Google