Flitsmeister is no longer available in the Google Play Store – update – Computer – News

At the beginning of this month, Flitsmeister announced another, meaning that certain functions that were previously free can now only be used with a paid subscription. The app also increased the subscription price by 1 euro per month, from 2 to 3 euros.

They have become really expensive, the average score of 4.6/4.7 in the Playstore has dropped to 3.3 in 1 month.

All basic functions such as automatic start-up and being able to see your own GPS speed have been paid for. So what is the use of the navigation app? :+ , which by the way is still not good in terms of quality over the years. For the rest, removing Android Auto and Carplay for free users also does not set a good foot towards your users.

It is fine that you pay for new functions, but you cannot make existing functions that have been used for years paid and deactivate these functions for free users.

I could live with the fact that new features or extra features are paid for, but I don’t like free features that are free for years behind the paywall. Plus, of course, FM also sells user data and is eating both ways. I took the latter for granted, but now that free functions are paid, no longer.

I now recommend Waze to people, it works great and is very up to date.

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