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Everything We Know About Michael Jackson’s Youngest Son, Bigi

“After we had been rising up, my father would say, , ‘We might don’t have anything, however you go searching on this room, your brother, your sister, and me, that is all you will ever have,'” Prince, 26, informed Good Morning Britain. “And that at all times caught with my siblings and I, and now we have such a detailed relationship.”

He shared that, as a result of he was the oldest, their dad informed him that he’d be accountable down the highway for taking care of his brother and sister. Sadly, that cease on the highway got here earlier than anticipated when Michael died in 2009 on the age of fifty, and Prince admitted he wasn’t able to step up.

“After his passing, and us being thrown into the ‘actual world,'” he continued, “my siblings, actually—they picked up the slack that I sadly left behind.” 

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