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Only when you ask controversial questions that you already know are questionable, you will not receive an answer because it is not possible, or an attachment with an explanation of what is wrong with the question. But you direct that yourself.

Things about health, social questions (someone is angry because For example, I used it at work for a pride campaign we are doing and it drives me crazy. If you use it for programming, office work or household things, you will encounter it less. But with a video model like the one in this article, you can’t avoid pushing the edge. Which movie do adults prefer to watch? A sweet film about Teletubbies or a gritty crime drama?

The problem is that what Americans consider ‘debatable’ doesn’t match what it is here at all. And that is exactly the kind of prejudice we hope to combat with campaigns.

What I definitely don’t do is try to provoke hateful responses along the lines of “Why is an idiot”. I understand that they block things like that, but I don’t do that, I just ask realistic practical questions or summarize content.

Speaking of which, almost all of ChatGPT’s wrong/unfortunate answers are caused by incorrect user input. If you were to ask the same question to a human, you would also get an incorrect answer.

But this is precisely my point. Why do we expect a divine dignity from AI?? We do not have the same expectations of a human being. And ChatGPT is just a human simulator with a lot of bleating from a lot of people lumped together. Of course, nonsense sometimes comes out.

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