ChatGPT users can now create and share their own versions of the chatbot – Computer – News

OpenAI announces a platform that allows users to create custom versions of the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT. Users can share these GPTs with others. There will also soon be a GPT Store where makers of GPTs can ultimately generate income.

GPT’s are only available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers. The customized versions of ChatGPT can be created without writing any code. Users’ GPTs can gain access to web browsing, GIVE HER and the Code Interpreter tool for writing and running software. GPTs can also be linked to external services such as Canva and Zapier. GPT creators cannot view users’ chats. OpenAI says it monitors for fraud, hate speech and ‘adult themes’.

A screenshot from the GPT Store shows examples of assistants such as a ‘writing coach’, ‘sous chef’, ‘math teacher’ and ‘sticker wizard’. Earlier this year, OpenAI made it possible to custom instructions input, allowing ChatGPT to provide better answers based on the user’s background.

The arrival of GPTs should enable OpenAI to compete with, among others Character.AI and Meta. The latter recently introduced a series AI personas for WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. Creating and sharing GPTs will be possible from November 6. The GPT Store will be available ‘later this month’.