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Bizarre polygons on Mars’ surface hint that alien life on Red Planet was possible

An in depth-up of polygon-shaped cracks within the Martian floor. Researchers consider they have been formed by previous wet-dry cycles on Mars greater than 3 billion years in the past. (Picture credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/IRAP)

A “patchwork of well-preserved historic mud cracks” on the Martian floor hints that previous extraterrestrial life on Mars was attainable, a brand new examine reveals.

In 2021, NASA’s Curiosity rover snapped footage of the polygonal shapes on the slopes of Mount Sharp, a peak that stands 3 miles (5 kilometers) excessive in Gale Crater — the massive melancholy the place Curiosity first landed in 2012 and has spent the whole lot of its mission. The shapes, which primarily have 5 – 6 distinct sides, date to between 3.8 billion and three.6 billion years in the past. 

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