After Resounding Defeat, Ohio House Speaker Vows To Continue To Try To Take Away Women’s Rights

The Republican Speaker of the House in Ohio reacted to voters constitutionally protecting the right of choice by vowing to continue to try to take away women’s rights.

Here is the quote:

In other words, Ohio Republicans are going to try to violate the state constitution. How many times do Republicans have to lose elections on the same issue before they get the hint that their policies are unpopular and something that a majority of voters definitely do not want?

Republicans in Ohio did not learn a single thing from seeing their unpopular anti-women position defeated at the polls by large margins twice.

Speaker Stephens was suggesting that voters changed the constitution, and the Republican response will be to ignore it.

Stephens’ answer was dangerous because it is fundamentally undemocratic.

The Republican mentality is that if democracy doesn’t go their way, they need to abuse their power and do whatever they please anyway.

Ohio, like the rest of the United States, is still a representative democracy. A majority of the voters have loudly spoken in the state. If elected officials are not listening to the people that they are supposed to represent, the state of Ohio will cease to be a democracy.