After all, only the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a titanium frame?

A new report confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will indeed have a titanium frame, as previous rumors indicated.

We already have heard more often that Samsung goes after Apple with a titanium frame for its new devices. Now a new source confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a titanium casing.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Ahead of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, which may be happening sooner than we originally expectedseveral leaks have already appeared about the devices from this series.

One of the rumors that has been going around for a long time is that Samsung will use a titanium frame on the S24 models. A new report from the South Korean tech website The Elec indicates that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the first model with a titanium frame. Apparently Samsung had been investigating this material for a long time. The decision to actually apply the material to devices was only made relatively recently.

Perhaps the addition of a titanium casing on the iPhone 15 Pro models also influenced this choice. In any case, this material will probably become more popular if Apple and Samsung both use it.

More models with titanium will follow later

Previous rumors suggested that all Samsung Galaxy S24 models would have a titanium casing. However, this new report from The Elec indicates that initially it only concerns the Ultra.

According to The Elec’s sources, Samsung first wants to see how well the titanium frame is received on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The company then decides whether the material will also be used on other devices in the future.

What the new report also highlights is that the S24 Ultra will probably not be (much) lighter than its predecessor. This was the case with Apple’s switch from the iPhone 14 Pro models to the iPhone 15 Pro models. However, Apple previously used stainless steel, while Samsung currently uses aluminum. Aluminum is already quite light, so the switch to titanium probably mainly provides extra strength.

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