21 Messy Celeb Divorces That Made People Hate A Celeb


“I had been a Depp fan since I was a kid in the ’90s. But holy hell, Amber’s toxic behavior was not on par with his. I didn’t even follow the trial because I didn’t think it was my business, but it leeched into everything. You couldn’t escape it.

I was talking to a buddy once because he said Depp was innocent. I then asked him if he would ever even joke about raping his girlfriend. He said no. I pointed out that Depp had [allegedly] said he would rape Heard’s corpse to his friend, and even if it was a joke, what kind of decent man says that? My buddy went quiet after that.

Some of it was the insane social media hot takes that painted Heard as this harpy gold-digger. But I think a lot of it was taking the things Depp said and did as not indicative of character, habits, or even the potential to do worse. And all of it was somehow provoked or caused by Heard. Misogyny runs deep.”


Here’s what went down: There’s far too much to describe here, but you can read about it in numerous articles, and you can check out Depp’s alleged texts to Paul Bettany (referenced above) here, though I will note that Depp claimed to have a dark sense of humor and comparing drafting a text to making a painting, which suggests that he was not serious.